Our 16,000 square foot shop is fully equipped with well-maintained state-of-the-art tech- nology and machinery to meet all your stone fabrication needs, including: custom designs cut to size, intricate edge details, surface honing, flaming, water jet design, acid wash and antiquing. Our computerized cutting machines are both accurate and fast, we can work around the clock to enable you to meet the most challenging deadlines. C.G. employs a longtime staff of master craftsmen. Our fabricators are the best in their field, evidenced by their meticulous seam work and exquisite edge details.
C.G.'s crews specialize in the high-end market, and are experienced in all modes of installation, whether working with slab or tile - for custom residential properties and/or high-end commercial. (Please see our PRODUCTS section for more details.) Decades of experience installing tile and stone in fine custom homes and commercial properties has taught us how to plan and execute a layout that will enhance the beauty of the material, and work best with the dimensions and feel of the space.Our crews and field supervisors are professional, courteous, discreet, and have extensive experience with celebrity clientele.
C.G. has worked with Los Angeles' top architects and designers for decades. We are well versed in the latest design trends and materials, as well as more classic stone and marble aesthetics, and we strive to fit any design into any budget without compromising your original vision. Our AutoCAD technology provides computer rendered shop drawings. We can also build mock-ups to help you further envision your design. Our extensive sample edge detail collection will provide a look at finishing touches you may not have known were possible.
We rely on our decades of experience as well as the efficiency and accuracy of the latest computer software to provide you with a written estimate that is well-itemized and detailed. This bid is also easily modifiable, should changes be necessary, saving you the crucial time that a re-submission would take. Submissions may be sent via email to: connect@cgtile.com
shop drawings.
CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology enables us to provide you with a graphic look at the design, estimating and budgeting of your stonework before it is "set in stone", "pun-intended". Our AutoCAD shop drawings allow you to see and approve the layout and seam location(s) of the stone before a cut is made, helping to eliminate miscommunication, and ultimately providing you full satisfaction.
selection & purchase.
The selection and purchase of your stone can be a daunting process. We'll walk you through the process, escorting you to wholesaler show rooms and stone yards to advise and help you select your material, and negotiate the best price. We have excellent relationships with the major wholesale distributors in the Los Angeles area. We're very familiar with the inventory and quality, and will work to ensure that you receive the best material for your dollar. Our expertise will also help you cut down on the time commitment that selecting and purchasing stone and tile may entail. Should you prefer stone that comes from out of state or abroad, we're well versed in both the interstate and international purchasing processes, and will work to get you the materials you need quickly and efficiently.
Antiquing adds a weathered or time-aged appearance to new stone surfaces. We have extensive experience with the various techniques used to achieve such a look, and will work with you to create the customized look you have in mind.
restoration & maintenance.
Your stone will naturally incur wear and tear. With our restoration & maintenance services, C.G. will work to polish, hone &/or restore luster and beauty to your aged or worn stone. We can remove most stains and scratches as well, and repair most cracks and breaks so that your stone looks flawless again. We recommend using a sealer on your newly installed stone to help extend its original appearance and condition. Our annual maintenance program insures that your stonework will retain its beauty for many years to come.